Parent Success LP

​​Push past your limits and take control of your life in 30 days

Parent Success 

  • ​Reprogram your thinking
  • ​Become the hero of your story
  • ​Identify your long term goals
  • ​Push past procrastination
  • Unlock your true potential

​Level: Beginner

Goal: Clarity and Control

​Course Length: 5 Weeks

​Course Format: Online

What is it?

​Parent Success is 5-week online course with a downloadable workbook. It shows you how to reengage your big goals and move past your fears.

​Who is it for?

​Parent Success is for ​parents of Imagine Me students who more out of life and need th​at motivation and ​push ​to reach for more. It works for anyone regardless of previous experience or knowledge.

​Where does it happen?

​We created this to ​be completed at your pace. The program is broken up into short videos and a workbook that you complete when you have time. You  can binge watch them or watch one a day.

How does it work?

You watch the videos and complete the workbook at your pace and get results. But it won't work if you don't.

When does it start?

As soon as you enroll you gain access. It's an online course that you can work through as fast or as slowly as you would like. And you have lifetime access.

​Why does it exist?

​Initially to help people ​keep their ​New Year's resolutions, but it became more than that. It became a way to empower people to aim higher and reclaim control in their lives.

What people are saying...

​David, I credit you for being such an instrumental component to my life-path change. So many wonderful things have already manifested since I started to take your advice. Not only are you inspiring, but your lessons are calculative and comprehensive. The framework you've put in place as far as what you address, how you address it, the linear steps involved, and the key strategy tips you sprinkle in have all been exactly what they needed to be.

​​​Lauren Marie Huesman-Cook

​​Thanks David. I like 30 days of success!!! Good job! Your enthusiasm makes me want to move, move, move!

​​Ani Hakobyan

​Another great video! I'm definitely going to turn up the enthusiasm.

​​Carlyle van Putten

​​​​I​ started 30 Days of Success January 3. ​Thanks so much. ​Last year I tried another kind of 30 ​program ​and it did not work. ​So THANK YOU again 1000 times more!!!

​​Radu Radulescu

​​Inspiring message for today. Too often I dwell on the past failures...not today. I'm focusing on preparation for my new job and new future. As always thank you David!​

​Leilani Hopkins

​​If you don"t like your present, change it!

​​Tammy Carlson

​​30 Days of Success is now part of my morning routine! TY 

​​Linda Jenkins

​​I am my own worse enemy. I will work on believing I can. And I will surround myself with people that believe in me.

​​Cathy Drake

​​Learn Anywhere & Anytime

​​With this online program you can learn around your schedule and at times that are ​convenient for you.

This Program Works

And for parents of Imagine Me Students this $297 program is absolutely free!

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