Providing Equity for your most vulnerable students just got easier!

Helping Your Students Unlock Their Unlimited Potential!

Imagine Me Changes Lives

Minority communities are the hardest hit when we look at high school drop out and incarceration rates. Imagine Me provides the equity at-risk students need to level the playing field before they make poor, life-altering decisions.

Imagine Me is for any school that needs to provide equity. It is a multi-year program that has components for middle and high school aged students and also can be used as a suspension alternative to reach students before the give up on school.

Bring this Multi-Lingual, Effective, Turnkey Program To Your School

Here’s what you’ll get with Imagine Me

Imagine Me is a 10-week motivational program for at-risk and disadvantaged students that provides equity and levels the playing field so these students become the right kind of statistics. We also provide a Parent Success component to augment and support the work we do with the students.

Imagine Me is a 100% turnkey program that works. When you follow our process you get great results with hard to reach students and engage their parents too!

We provide a proven program that you can prep for in 15 minutes or less. We do the heavy lifting and you help the students get excited about school and their futures again!


We provide the motivation and inspiration so that you can focus on helping your students engage and grow through the process. The videos are in English and subtitled in Spanish to provide access for more students.


Every student is provided a copy of the workbook which moves Imagine Me out of the classroom and into their everyday lives. The workbooks are available in both English and Spanish.

Parent Success

This is our complimentary program designed for the parents and guardians of Imagine Me students. 

Facilitator Guide and Training

You receive training on how to implement Imagine Me for the maximum impact on your students.

What teachers and administrators say about Imagine Me

We have a track record of success. Will your school be the next school to provide real solutions to at-risk and disadvantaged students?

Over half the group improved

We did the Imagine Me program with a group of students who had 10 or more absences in an effort to improve attendance, grades, and motivate students on the right track. The workbook and sessions held students accountable and helped them to see how goal setting can help them to reach their long-term dreams. By the end of the 10 weeks, over half of the group had improved grades and attendance, and received formal recognition from the program for their achievements. These students responded well to the positive reinforcement and will likely continue to improve.

Amy Poindexter

Gear Up Coordinator

Students have shown drastic improvement

David Arrington offers motivation and encouragement to our 11th academic group at Warwick High School. Our students have shown drastic improvement with their grades and seem genuinely excited to share their progress reports. He has greatly impacted our student’s behavior and I’m confident that he has and will continue to influence their future decisions.

Tamika Brice

School Administrator

Helped the students set goals

I believe the most important idea would be the value of setting goals. He helped the students set personal and school-related goals including completing high school on time. Dr. Arrington made this process very exciting and motivated the students to really look within.

Rennee Townsend

Gear Up Coordinator

Imagine Me Through the Years

Year 1: Groundwork for Success

Year 2: Owning their Success

Year 3: Deciding Who They Want to Become

Year 4: Life After High School

About the Creator of Imagine Me

Dr. David Arrington

Hi! I'm Dr. David and like you, I'm committed to living an awesome life and helping students and families do the same.

As an executive coach I guide my clients to dream bigger, create goals, form plans and take action so they can get results quickly.

I created Imagine Me because there is a need for real solutions to the equity disparity in our country. At-risk students need more than motivation, they need real tools and a plan.

I've been refining my skills and process of helping people reach their potential since 2004. 

Student success is a huge motivator for me. I am passionate about helping at-risk and disadvantaged students unlock their unlimited potential.

When I'm not coaching, training, speaking, or creating amazing courses, I'm usually in the gym or hanging out with my family (and I sleep occasionally).

Here’s what students are saying about Imagine Me

Gave me confidence...

The program boosted everyone’s confidence and gave me the steps I need to take to get better at what I need to do.

Imagine Me Student

10th Grader

Really made me think...

The Imagine Me program really made me think about what I want to do in life and where I see myself going.

Imagine Me Student

9th Grader

I'm going to college!

This program helped me choose good goals and I am really looking forward to graduating and going to college now.

Imagine Me Student

10th Grader

Imagine Me makes it easy to Provide Equity Consistently and Comprehensively

One of the major concerns we've seen is good intentions don't change lives. Too often students are "preached" at and told what to do even though we know this to be ineffective.

Imagine Me taps into students' intrinsic motivators and helps them realize they have value, worth, and a bright future. We have successfully helped hundreds of students turn their grades and their lives around.

When students see themselves differently they make better choices based on long-term goals not just short-term thrills.

And they make those better decisions because they know where they are going and what they want their lives to be.

  • Instills in each participant the value of a high school diploma in today’s economy
  • Motivates students to dream, structure, plan, and execute in all areas of life
  • Aids students by connecting them with resources to help them succeed
  • Grows the confidence needed to take actions today that result in a better tomorrow
  • Inspires students to believe in their own success, both now and later in life
  • Nurtures strategic habits and thought patterns necessary to develop and meet goals
  • Empowers students with tools and strategies for success
  • Makes on-time graduation a goal to be achieved
  • Encourages students to fulfill their potential


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