You can create the habits you need to succeed in less than 5 weeks.

And build an action plan that focuses your energy, ambition, and drive to get results.

Solving the 12 Problems ​Everyone Faces

​30 Days of Success was created to solve the 12 most common challenges (excuses) ​holding people back.

Any of These Sound Familiar?

  1. "I've tried everything and it didn't work."​
  2. ​"I have no idea where to start."​
  3. "I'm too old."
  4. "​I'm not smart enough."
  5. ​"I ​don't have enough time ​in my day for anything new."​
  6. "​My family and friends don't think I'm capable." ​
  7. ​"​I'm too easily distracted." ​​
  8. "​​I'm not educated enough." ​
  9. "​I'm not lucky enough." ​
  10. ​"​I've never had anyone to mentor/show me how to succeed."​
  11. ​"I can't handle failure. I would try but ​what if it doesn't work?"
  12. "I ​don't believe I can do it."

How much time have you lost to those excuses?

Let's Play "What If"

What if you could 1) narrow your options; 2) conquer your fears; 3) and clarify your goals?

What could you accomplish in the next 12 months if you had that kind of clarity?

What would your life look like?

It’s your life and you can choose to stay stuck or get unstuck.

When I consider the main reasons you may be stuck in neutral, I see three main concerns:

1. Overwhelmed by Options
You are probably good at several things but can’t really settle on any one of them. This cycle causes you to remain in neutral. Not wanting to move forward on one path because you would have to abandon something else you really enjoy.

There are so many things that you can do that you end up putting off the painful decision until tomorrow. In reality, tomorrow is, like Annie said, always a day away. This perpetuates the overwhelm, indecision, and inaction.

2. Fear of the Unknown
Depending on how you look at the world, it can be a scary place or it can be filled with opportunity. There’s a line in the movie Robots, “never try, never fail, that’s my motto.”

Unfortunately fear pushes you into just that mode of decision making.

It becomes easier to not try because you can’t fail. But we both know that’s not how it works. By deciding not to try you are cutting yourself off from so much opportunity. Fear stops you but only if you don’t have a great response to it.

3. No Solid Goals
Most people don’t have goals. Even the people who are excited they have written goals. I’ve asked so many people in workshops and coaching sessions and found that most people have wishes dressed up like dreams and that holds them back.

You need solid goals that force you to aim higher and fight for the life you want

These goals when done properly become your daily focus and really get you moving.

It’s your choice, this is a limited time offer and you are free to refuse.

But just imagine what you can accomplish when you have the right goals, motivation, and mindset, heck, imagine what you will avoid.

30 Days is designed to give you the tools, motivation, and direction so you can get moving, be awesome and create the life you’ve always wanted.

More productive in 30 days

What I share in this 5 module course is what I used to grow my business from $0 to $120k+ in 18 months. 

I will help you connect the dots so that the success principles presented all work together to create your personalized action plan.

Wishes and hopes don't get results, but plans well executed do.

I help you create the plan that you can use to create your results.

​Inside 30 Days of ​Success you will find:

  • ​30 motivational coaching videos to help you ​shift your mindset, become more productive, and ​clarify your goals
  • ​The tools you need to form and adopt an action-oriented mindset.
  • ​​​Step-by-step process to ​Create an Action Plan that will help you ​transform your goals & hopes into actionable steps
  • A 45-page downloadable workbook that reinforces the messages from the coaching videos
  • A process designed to reprogram your thinking so that you can break ​bad habits and create new positive habits that will help you become more successful.
  • ​A way to get your goals out of your head and into your daily thinking and behavior so that you ​can ​​become the hero of your story​.
  • A guide to defining what success means to you. It will be your specific, personal vision ​and definition of success, no one else's.


The success habits I teach in 30 Days of Success are powerful because they ​force you to push past your limits.

You will learn how to overcome some of the limits and limiting behaviors you have put on yourself that have held you back.

Clarify Your Goals

Become more clear about your goals and how to achieve them. Confront limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

Create An Action Plan

Through this process you will create an action plan that will help you take daily steps toward your big goals and your vision of success.

C​rystallize Your Vision of Success

​You will have a clear, personalized, tailored image of what success means to you. This vision will ​become the standard you use to make decisions.

So many people talk about success but it's always theoretical and far away. But has anyone offered to help you develop your own success habits in about 5 weeks?

Success, what exactly is it? 

Yeah, it's going to be different for everyone and you probably haven't taken the time to figure out what your vision of success really is.  

Why is that? 

It's probably because you are too busy with life... paying the bills, binge watching [insert the current must watch cool show you're watching ], or getting caught up in day-to-day emergencies.

But, there's a process to making progress

There's a method to achieving your goals... and I'd like to take you through that in 30 Days of Success.


It's time to clarify what you want out of life and start moving toward it. ​

​You set the goal this year that you would ​ take control of your life and get serious about your goals.

It's time to keep your promise to yourself and execute on your good intentions.

​Own Solutions

​It's time for you to stop rehearsing past problems and start working toward current solutions

​Dig Deep

​You know that success will take time, but are you packed and ready to make the trip?

​Solid Decisions

You are in complete control. You decide how your story will unfold. Will you be the hero/heroine or the plucky comic relief?

How long will it take for me to get clear on my goals and create an action plan

I've created 30 Days of Success to help you pick up success habits as you learn to drop negative habits.

By the end of the course you will have created a tailored, personalized action plan that is customized to your life, your goals, your vision of success.

Because it takes time to unlearn bad habits and create good habits, you should complete 1 session per day to really get the most out of the program.

But you can go as fast or slow as your life situation allows.

More productive in 30 days

​Get your big ideas, your big dreams, and your stretch goals out of your head and into an action plan in under 5 weeks...

for a crazy small price tag!

This 30-step, 5 module course and 45-page workbook is  normally $197 but for Imagine Me participating schools it's included for every parent!


​I'm here to help you leverage your energy, ambition, and drive to create the life ​you ​deserve.

​I've packed into this course the habits, ideas, and keys to success I share with my coaching clients and that I've used to grow my business to over 6 figures ​just under 18 months.

​I won't do that crap where ​I ask you to buy a program without showing you what's inside.

Module 1 - Mindset

Module 2 - Productivity

Module 3: Goals

Module 4: Motivation

Module 5: Getting Past Fear

Every month that goes by that you aren't focused on your goals is a another month lost.

It doesn't come back, you don't get a do over.

How many months have you lost?

Are you ready to create a life you are excited to live?

No more waiting for weekends.

No more wishing you could be someone else.

When is the right time for you to start clarifying your goals, or focusing on your future, or making progress in the right direction?

Is this the month you start creating success habits and removing bad habits?

With 30 Days of Success you can.

Who is 30 Days of Success for?

It's for you if any of the statements below apply to you:

  • ​I want to be more resilient and focused.
  • ​I want to tackle new challenges without fear or negative thinking.
  • ​I  want to live more in the present than in the past.
  • ​I am ​tired of just surviving and ready to start thriving.
  • ​I want to get more done each day so that ​I can have more time for ​my family or have time for a social life.
  • ​I want to be more in control of ​my life.
  • ​I want a roadmap ​I can follow that will lead ​me to ​my best life.
  • ​I want to have goals that excite ​me and a plan that will make those goals achievable.
  • ​I am tired of the excuses ​I have to give for why ​my life isn't where ​I thought it would be.
  • ​I want to be someone people can depend on.
  • ​I want to be able to control ​my calendar and ​my schedule without feeling obligated to say yes to everyone about everything.
  • ​I want to shut down that little negative voice in ​my head.

Meet Your Coach for 30 Days of Success

Hi! I'm Dr. David and like you, I"m committed to living an awesome life and helping others do the same.

As an executive coach I guide my clients dream bigger, create goals, form plans and take action so they can get results quickly.

I created 30 Days of Success because I speak with a lot of people that would benefit from working with me but, let's be honest, working with an executive coach can be pricey.

I've been refining my skills and process of helping people reach their potential since 2004. 

Arrington Coaching started out as an idea and grew to a six-figure business in just about 18 months using the same ideas I share with my clients and that I have put into 30 Days of Success.

Your success is a huge motivator for me. I am passionate about personal development and motivated by how my work with my clients helps them to change for the better. 

This way I can help you experience the kind of dramatic changes I've seen in my clients in a way that's more affordable.

When I'm not coaching, training, speaking, or creating amazing courses, I'm usually in the gym or hanging out with my family (and I sleep occasionally).

Schedule a 30-minute call to see if Imagine Me & Parent Success would be a good fit for your school

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